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When most people think of Las Vegas they think of a city filled with neon lights, parties, and gambling. Most people don’t know there is another world beyond the Strip.

The reason I started this blog was to capture a different side of Las Vegas that many don’t know about. Much like other major cities we also love our coffee (A LOT). This city moves fast and Mothership Coffee Roasters helps locals keep up.

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Located in one of Green Valley’s oldest shopping centers, Mothership has become more than just a hidden gem. The lively atmosphere, coffee bean aroma, and genuine customer service makes it feel like you’re at home rather than a coffee shop.

What I love about this place other than the aesthetically pleasing features is the simplicity of their menu. They offer a classical expresso bar menu that keeps the importance on their quality ingredients.

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The premium coffee is not the only thing getting attention around here, the pretty pastries and baked goods arguably steal the show.

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Mothership offers exquisite farm-to-table baked goods and locally crafted chocolates to compliment your brew. Today my boyfriend and I tried their vanilla latte paired with the fresh quiche with smoked chorizo, onion, and gruyere. However, the home-made “She’s My Cherry Pie” stole my heart.

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Las Vegas’s coffee scene is transforming and continues to grow. I love cozy, little coffee shops like this one and there are plenty for locals and tourists to try. Next time you’re in the Las Vegas area explore beyond the Strip and make this your first stop!

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2708 N Green Valley Pkwy Henderson, NV

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    Great photos and thank you for the kind words!

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