Spring break never tasted so good

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Spring is in the air, the sun is out, and the temperatures are rising. What does this mean? One word. “Boba.” Kung Fu Tea serves up many delicious and refreshing spring time drinks that are guaranteed to whisk you away to a tropical island (or at least feel like it).

At Kung Fu Tea it’s all about pairing your tea or slush with the perfect topping. Here are some of our spring time favorites.


  • Pina Colada Slush with Boba

This slush really has it all, its the very definition of spring break with its mellow sweetness and thirst-quenching taste. It holds both a fruity and smooth consistency that has a hint of cool iciness to it.Processed with VSCO with c1 preset


The Pina Colada flavor pairs up nicely with our sweet boba topping. If you didn’t know, the genuine definition of “Kung Fu” is “the desire for self-improvement, to expand one’s capability beyond limits previously thought possible.” This is what we strive to do and take pride in making the finest boba for our customers. This is why when you come to any of our Kung Fu locations you’re guaranteed “fresh” boba as we make a new batch every two hours. The boba placed at the bottom of the slush compliments this chilly beverage with its subtly warm and honey taste. Doesn’t this just sound like you’re on a vacation?

  • Passionfruit Green Tea with Nata Jelly

For all the tea lovers out there, this will most likely be your drink of choice this spring. Not only is the tea brewed every three hours, it also is freshly-picked from the majestic mountains of Taiwan.IMG_9922.jpg

If that doesn’t sell it to you, this brightly-colored beverage seamlessly brings together a rich tart taste and the natural “earthy” flavor from the green tea. Match this with our Nata Jelly and you have yourself a dynamic duo. Most importantly, this tea comes with tons of antioxidants and nutritional value. So feel free to sip (guilt-free).

  • Strawberry Milk Slush with Oreos

Last but certainly not least is this creamy strawberry paradise topped off with none other than Oreo cookies. While the strawberry flavor is pronounced there is a hint of chocolaty goodness that is lightly sprinkled throughout.DSTO2011.jpg

By mixing fresh strawberries, milk, and an unexpected Oreo crunch this slush is the perfect blend of fruity and chocolate.  Get ready to bob and weave with this Kung Fu slush because you never know what’s coming next!

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